Friday, 27 April 2012

I'm just having a bad day...(rant)

It was decided what seems a long time ago now that I would stay at home and look after our 1st. It is a decision I sometimes dither over even now though more to do with finances than looking after a child. 
Now of course we have had another and it is a challenge sometimes to complete tasks without taking part in a tea party where plastic cake is thrust upon you and you're expected to chump on merrily or a colouring book waiting to be coloured and read like a storybook (come on woman you're a mother now, you have to master the art of story telling!).
I am the 1st to admit I'm not perfect, the TV is on all day, blaring out various cartoons, I don't always get dressed in the mornings, afternoons and sometimes realise Mr. is due home in 10 mins and I haven't even dressed. I mean I dress the baby, & the tot, though as the tot is potty-training, it mostly consists of a dress to cover her modesty, should someone come round.
I've never been one for everydaybad day housework, back when we flat bound and childless I would clean the whole flat in an afternoon (usually a Sunday), once a week. Now of course I vacuum the sitting room often and not 10 mins later it looks the same, I start washing up only to have to abandon it not halfway through & as for the clothes washing, it's rare it gets hung up to dry soon after the machine is done, unless the items are essential.
I am starting to wonder if I should do it after the babes are tucked up for the night. I know it makes sense, stop battling the babes in order to get 5 mins of essentials done, just need the motivation. More often than not I can be found camping out on the sofa or hopefully here, trying to multitask feeding with keeping up with some form of the outside world (even if it is celebrity gossip). 
I know, I had these babes, I should quit complaining, I just thought I was the exception, that I would manage to do it all & still hold it together. Guess I'm still learning, though I will say I do check my babes before I sleep and I am always grateful that they are there, sound asleep, we got through another day.

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