Friday, 20 April 2012

Mirena Coil

So since the Mr. and I have decided not to have any more babies for a long while, I wanted something contraception wise that would be long-term and so opted for the Mirena Coil.
I made the mistake of reading about others experiences with it once fitted and almost backed out, alas it is in place and so far the worst I have experienced are period-type pains I would normally get on the first day of a period anyway.
It is a last contraception try for me, am sick of hormones raging round my body and the last pill I took (the mini-pill that you take same time everyday, no break) made me moody, I had an increased appetite and I was tired.
I'm not hoping for miracles but at least to have some control over when I next have a baby. Both of our babes were planned though obviously their birth dates were decided on when they were conceived. We just went with pot luck.
I want some time out not to enjoy them, watch them grow into little girls and decide if we want to try for another. Right now I am in a mixed mind as to whether I even want another one. I love babies but I would like a career and am almost convinced midwifery is the way forward. This is another reason I wanted long-term contraception; there shouldn't be any surprises, that way I could once lil' one is attending pre-school look into doing a course or what have you to start up this career. It may mean putting off the next baby or having them sooner, maybe after lil' one has started pre-school? Who knows, I do know I will look into trying for a boy. I know it's a bit sad and if we didn't have a boy it would be really disappointing (though not really), I want to at least give it a shot. 
Another reason I would like a sizeable gap is having 2 babes close together though lined with amazing good points, is hard work at times. Especially when deciding who to pick-up first when both are crying. I do get a lot of 'mothers guilt', maybe I wouldn't be human if I didn't but I just want to enjoy these two for now, especially since the next one will probably be the last. I think I can wait a lil' while to experience it all over again.

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