Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mirena Coil...1 week on

So far, so good, having some slight spotting over last 3 days but not worried. Last day today of taking with mini-pill so will see how I feel next week. The Dr who fitted the coil advised I take the remaining tablets both to cover contraception (even though leaflet says it is effective right away) and to avoid having a period whilst body is adjusting.
In that respect I don't know the full extent as to how the coil is affecting my hormones and thus my moods. I do struggle first thing in the morning no matter how much sleep I get and this is heightened whilst taking the pill. Whilst pregnant with my 2nd, once the nausea had passed I was raring to go, now I'm grouchy and shout at anything. Not good. I'm not hoping for miracles but the Dr advised it would mean less hormones are in my body as they don't have to travel so far.
I can't really add more except Mr said he felt it when we first had sex after the fitting. I explained he may have felt the threads, and they take a few days to soften. My libido seems to be making a return, though nothing to shout home about. I think the hormones may be clashing inside. I'm a stickler for taking things when I am told so I will take this last pill later but I won't miss feeling like an android taking it at same time every day. Oh well bottoms up and I'll keep you posted.

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