Friday, 20 April 2012

Mothers guilt

Oh my gosh! I am feeling a bit of a rubbish mother atm and it is all because bubz has developed a flat head!
Seemingly the 'professionals' will blame this on baby being left for hours on end on her back, in a bouncy chair or cot or even a car seat. I blame the fact that she sleeps through the night (heaven forbid), on her back so therefore has the back of her head resting against a firm mattress. She is never in her chair at home for long, though admittedly spends time in her car seat, though as soon as we have reached our destination I take her out, or use the pushchair part for longer journeys.
I am distressed at the realisation I could have probably done more earlier on to prevent this from developing, alas I have the ability to see the future...
My older daughter also developed the condition, again she slept through the night, however she was a colicky baby and spent most of her infant life in my arms. She is now 2 1/2 and the flat head that plagued her early months, disappeared once she started spending more time sitting or crawling.
Therefore my feelings of inadequacy are being fired by the celebrities currently bragging about how they wore their babies on their body during those early months and therefore have a stronger relationship with them. It seems the fashion is swinging to Africa where mothers wear their babies all day, co-sleep and don't have them in nappies, thus potty training them sooner.
As I am potty-training my oldest atm, I do feel as though I am undoing some of the work we are trying to instill on her by putting the youngest into nappies. When she asks about why lil' one wears them, I tell her the age-old 'Because you're a big girl, and she's a baby'.
Yet again though, I feel like I am somehow cheating her?

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