Monday, 21 May 2012

The passing of Robin Gibb

I had been keeping up with the news on Mr. Gibb, as not only was he the same age as my father, he was battling a similar cancer and am deeply saddened to wake up to the news he has passed on.
It brings home the reality that my own Dad is in fact as immortal as the next man. If a rich superstar who can avoid the best care cannot beat the big C, what hope do I have for a man on his pension, relying on the NHS. Though he reassures me the hospital treating him specalises in stomach cancers.
Thing is I only got into contact with him at the end of 2010 after his 22yr absence from my and my siblings lives. We met last year and he lived with us for a few months until the council rehoused him. It was soon after this that he was hospitalised with stomach cramps so bad they immobilised him, than came the diagnosis.
It seemed such a cruel twist to our story and I felt like I should've got in contact sooner. I still have these crushing moments of sadness when I think of the lost years. And than mourn the ones that we should still have. Not living in the moment at all but this is so new to me and now it feels more than ever that time is truly running out.

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