Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The perils of private rent

So we made the rookie mistake of having a baby before we'd planted our own roots, so now we're at the mercy of a private landlord who wants to sell the property eventually.
Today was the 3 monthly check we endure as per our contract, though to be honest, I wish they would change it to 6 monthly.
I get so upright when I know they are coming up and still find myself cleaning with minutes to spare. I.have a clean house, but tidy, not always and these checks although to make sure you haven't painted the walls black I'm sure, feel like a judgement on my part. Like someone is judging my cleaning.
I'm sure that's not the case, ok well hopefully anyway. Not that it's that bad. But I know something will be mentioned, always is. It's a shame as we would love to have the chance to make some changes but we don't have the money to decorate a house that could be sold from under us.
Hopefully things will improve, who knows we might have a lottery win, but than pigs might fly.
No we're kind of stuck here till this time next year, maybe we'll get the money for another rental, one where we can make some changes within reason of course.

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