Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weight loss tools

By a happy accident, I added an app on my phone where you can record your calorie intake and exercise for each day. I say happy accident, as it was I came across the app whilst looking for a calorie counter. I woke up this morning with an overwhelming want to write down what I eat as I know it had fine awry lately and although writing it down maybe a deterrent in itself, I was curious to know how many calories I consume. I've watched a TV program over the years where they pit an unhealthy underweight diet against an unhealthy overweight diet and I've always wondered what my diet breaks down too.
So I begin. I put in the previous days food so I could get an approximate look at a typical days consumption rather than the half scared approach of not eating that many squares of chocolate as I have to record it. I mean I shouldn't be surprised, you don't get to my size eating healthily but it was still astounding.
I'm disgusted that I eat the way I do especially when I have 2 young girls to run around after, 1 of whom is old enough to pick up on habits good or bad. I always felt my weight and eating habits were my problem. Not anymore, and I've started to worry I'll get health issues that they'll have to help me with. That's not the life I want for them our me.
So today I haven't been perfect but knowing I would be trying to be as precise as possible with recording has pushed me to question how much I wanted that snack.
It's a work in progress though as I'll need to do some food swapping and get some more low cal snacks in and stop buying chocolate biscuits and milk chocolate for that matter.
One other event breathing down my neck is taking my oldest to pre-school this coming September and the overwhelming feeling that I don't want to be the fat mum at the gates. Of course it's only 4 months away so I need to get my act together to make some sizeable dent in the scales. I probably won't be near target, however if I stick to it, I'll least be able to hold my head high knowing I'm doing something about it.
I don't want my high bmi to be an issue in conversation or any future pregnancies. I'll never be or want to be anything but curvy but smaller clothes are top of my list.
Thing is family and friends have heard this all before so I keep getting those knowing looks but I'm ready to make some changes.

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