Saturday, 12 May 2012

What sunny days mean to me

When we were younger, I bet a sunny day meant t-shirts, shorts and plenty of fresh air. I lived outdoors during the summer, if we had one, I would have slept in a tent.
These days a sunny day still means getting outside, but mainly so my girls can benefit from thr vitamin D. It always means putting a load or 3 of washing on so I can benefit from having lots of clean dry washing rather than a basket of dirty washing making it look as though I haven't done anything with my days. Feels like I've had a weekend off though as we went to visit family Thursday afternoon and I didn't do much yesterday on account of my back, though I kept up the washing up and cooking, all done in my pyjamas (cringe).
No today I'm going to get out early, get some food shopping in than the day is ours, so we might end up on a mini adventure, so sunshine please stick around.

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