Thursday, 31 May 2012


Say what you like about them but I do love a good charity shop. And having daughters who love being read too, they are brilliant for updating the library as I do get bored of the same ones, though I know repetition is good for them.
I do like getting bags and books for myself and bought a pink mock crocodile one for £4 & 'The Witches' for £1.95 which I watched the other day and I realised I hadn't read. Bit a stroke of luck for both really.
Actually I do well with them as I usually have something I would like to have and I can usually get it or something very similar.
I actually try not to buy books new as if I wait a few weeks a copy will appear in my local charity shop. I actually dropped a few books off in one today as I have read or no longer want them in my collection. I do like to have a clear out of books clothes etc every few months and the bags you get through the door usually end up full of them. Just doing my bit, one bag at a time.

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