Monday, 3 September 2012

if you're about to eat you may want to skip this one!

I have been away too long, been pottering about the house, trying to get into some order where I can function and clean it everyday and not undertake mahoosive clearouts. It's a work in progress.
I woke today in a better physical state than I have in ages, silly me been overdoing it with the sugar and been scaring myself silly with symptom checkers and seeing I could have Diabetes. Though I know it was down to the sugar intake, I don't want to end up injecting myself daily so I need to cut back and stop with the everyday binges :/
That out the way, I had an bizarre dream/nightmare last night. I can't define as a dream or nightmare, as it neither delighted or scared me, but anyways, I needed the loo and entered a run of the mill shop/school toilet and all the toilets were overflowing with some disgusting of human waste. I entered the last one which was clean and woke up. Looking on the internet (really I should be banned from doing so!) and it turns out I am stressed (duh!) with the toilets representing the release I desire, but the overflow situation representing the stress I have. I also woke needing the loo so that could be it too. I love symbolism in dreams but I am glad it was 4am, as just before breakfast would've put me off (not such a bad thing?).
Been catching up with my crochet too and have updated my craft blog. I enjoy crochet as it does act as great destresser, especially in the evenings when the babes are tucked up in bed.
I am taking heed the hubbys advice. I have been trying to burn the candles at both ends with getting up early with the babes and going to bed rather late. Not a happy mummy that doth make. I am going to work back to getting into bed for about 10pm each night. It sounds so early but I can't keep up with this as it is, besides I need to get up early for the pre-school morning run. That's right the older babe is starting next week. I cannot wait, I think she'll get alot out of it and I can plan fun things to do in the afternoon. I hope to do any shopping I need to do whilst she is there as I do dread these trips at the moment. The younger babe is at that cute either sleep or chatting age so passersby think she's lush. It's bittersweet as I miss that about the older babe, she was such a cute baby with her curly hair and blue eyes. She still has these features but with a cheeky demeanour to go with and if someone comments, she'll answer back with some 'smart' answer or squeeze her eyes shut. Am working on her behaviour and the way I cope with it too. It's challenging but I knew parenting wasn't going to be a picnic.
Oh well, better get ready and face the crowds in search of some shoes for the older babe.
Talk soon x

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