Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mirena Coil Update...TMI

So it's been 9 months since I had the coil fitted and I am seriously thinking of having it removed. I was so happy after having my last baby, no depression whatsoever but since having the coil, I have rages. I have felt so low at times, that I nearly walked away from it all. My hubby took 3 weeks off over Christmas and I think he thought we could get a lot of 'man and wife' time, yet everytime we DTD, I ended up 'coming on' for a week or so and it was off putting. Well since then I have been 'on' and I am sick of it. I got a letter through from the clinic saying I need a routine smear test on the 11th January, well I didn't confirm as I was, & still am spotting. I have cramps daily and my sweet tooth is on overdrive. I am going to talk to hubby and get an appointment to have it removed ASAP. It was ok for the first 6 months. Apart from the occasional moodswing it was fine, but honestly beginning of December till now has just been a constant minefield and I can't put my young family through it anymore. I don't like feeling like this, and I know the few months after having baby were the happiest I had felt in a long time. Why - because I was hormone free and pretty euphoric having just had my baby. My weight gain was that I lost all my baby weight (though I am a plus sized girl anyway) within 3 weeks of the birth. Yet since the coil has been fitted my weight has stayed the same pretty much due to my constant need for sugar. I am a sugar nut but I can usually leave it till the evenings, lately I crave it even just after a filling, heavy meal. I don't wish to put on any weight, so I definitely need to address this now. I hope they don't try to talk me down, I thought once I got past October it was all fine but I started dipping in November and once December kicked in I was a mess. Again I put it down to stress for Christmas but I had nothing to be stressed about. I had the presents all bought, waiting to wrapped, we were having dinner at the in-laws. And it hasn't subsided though I don't feel as low, I can't help but worry something will happen to trigger me and I can only think it is something to do with the coil. Having read a few online forums (I know, awful thing to do). I have noticed a few other side affects that may be related. My right leg gets crampy alot and throbs in the evening - several people have mentioned this. I get backache more often, when I only used to get it just before 'time of the month' than occasionally when I was ovulating (though I only realised that when we TTC!). My hair loss hasn't settled down, thought I haven't noticed any baldspots, I have a shower/wash my hair every other day and there is a good handful in the plughole! I have had a patch of itchy skin on the back of my neck which was clearing up prior to having the coil put in, it has flared up once again, getting worse around any bleeding breakouts, which is most of the time atm. I have also developed some weird spots on my breasts which have turned into flaky spots of skin and are unsightly more than anything. I keep seeing about sex-drive and as far back as I can remember since having little one, hubby has initiated any 'dealliances'. When I first had baby, I was probably too tired but now I find myself realising it's been 2 weeks and no yearn whatsoever. I mean it's there once hubby takes over but otherwise it's like I forget, and I am not always tired! Still many ladies have suggested these are symptoms. I am sure there are a few others but I am pushed for time and will add if I think of anymore. I think I have allowed a good cooling off time and thought I was homeclear but no I will definitely be talking to the hubby about having it taken out. TBC...

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